What our clients say about us

Andy T.

. . . Sam Matta really knows the local flying community.  He helped me find a good deal on a part interest in a great Cirrus SR22, then a year or so later when I had to move out of the area, he quickly and efficiently found a buyer to buy my interest.


Sam has been a great mentor and helped me take my first steps as an airplane owner

Bryant C.

Sam did a great job into getting me into my first airplane.  As a student pilot with less than 20 hours, he gave me great guidance and helped all the way through the purchase through to registration process, not to mention numerous tips of maintenance, flying, etc.  Most importantly, he has introduced me to a number of aviation enthusiasts, an excellent CFI, and a new group of friends.  He is still there to help well after the sale is made.  I soloed 2 weeks after purchasing my plane. 


The experience and the camaraderie have been invaluable, What a ride its been!


I was moving up from a 182 to a Cirrus and looking for just the right group to partner with.  I also wanted to be certain the aircraft was well maintained and I could trust I’d get value for my investment.  Houston Aircraft Partnerships helped me identify a great aircraft and great partners who’d take care of the plane the way I do, with great care to ensure it is in tip top shape and well maintained.  I’ve also become a more knowledgeable and informed pilot and enjoy flying with my partners in the plane.

Darren G.

After flying 50 years more or less alone without partners I met Sam .  He introduced me to a world of pilots, planes and “hanger flying”.  I now am part owner in a Decathlon and full owner in a Saratoga due strictly to Sam’s efforts and contacts.  He has a world of knowledge concerning finding/buying/selling aircraft and putting together partnerships.  Indeed he is “Sam the match-maker” of the aviation world. 

David D.

Sam came up with the right plane at the right time with the right group of partners.  The community is a wonderful group of people with common interests and goals.  I’d recommend Sam for anyone interested in aircraft partnerships.

David N.

Acquiring an aircraft is serious business and requires experience and expertise. Given the importance of making a wise and prudent investment like this, I use Houston Aircraft Partnerships as my primary adviser.  My Cirrus is fabulous and our partnership is strong! Thanks to Sam and his team…

Davide D.

Thank you Sam.  Partnership is great; however, I need to go >200KTS!!

Doug H.

Sam Matta’s knowledge of how to put together long lasting partnerships is nothing less than amazing. Sam seems to find great deals on all sorts of aircraft then some how finds the perfect groups to partner.

If you looking to sell, purchase or find the right partnership Sam’s your man.